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School uniform


Parents are encouraged to dress children in school colours of navy blue, light blue and grey. A number of items with the school logo, including jumpers and polo shirts, can be ordred freom our suppliers, RAM Sports, who are based in Wincanton. Logo items are available to try and buy in store. They can also be ordered online or over the phone for delivery to your home or the school, to fit your needs.




Logo uniform can also be obtained from Marks and Spencer for schools, via our school mini-site which can found through:



The wearing of fashion clothing, denim jeans/jackets, trainers, Doc Marten type boots, beach wear and coloured nail varnish is actively discouraged. Apart from watches and stud earrings, jewellery is not permitted in school. Please also avoid 'unusual' haircuts.

All children need a P.E. bag containing plain black shorts, a coloured school logo polo shirt (please ask your child's teacher for their house colour) and footwear for outdoor P.E. (no footwear is required for P.E. activities in the hall). During colder weather, children may also wear tracksuit bottoms/jumpers for outdoor PE.

All these items should be marked with your child's name.