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Remote Support for Learners

Children and parents may need additional support in these difficult times. This page is not exhaustive but if you have a specific question please message Mrs Lavis on the school email: office@castlecaryschool.org.uk  


General Support

We know that children benefit from good routines, some of these pages will help with ideas for parents. Some children benefit from using a visual timetable rather than just words. Children also benefit from regular breaks, remember a lot of learning can come from playing  a game, baking, music and singing, putting on a  play using toys or creating a short movie using a tablet. 

 Weekly Timetable Individual Timetable  Pictures for a Timetable  

 Time for a brain break!

Using Word Online in Microsoft TEAMS enables you to use Immersive Reader. This will read word documents to your child.  In the assignments section you may notice a book icon with a speaker, this will read the instructions of the assignment to your child.

Immersive Reader Guide



These strategies will support any learner who is finding reading or writing a challenge.

Dyslexia Strategies Tricky Letters and Sounds High Frequency Word Mat

Read Write Inc Home Learning Phonics Letter Formation



General Strategies from the Dyslexia page will support learning in all areas. Children often need resources to aid their visualisation of number, pieces of pasta of Lego will help.

100 square Multiplication Square Number Formation to 20


Emotional Wellbeing

Sometimes we all need a good walk in the fresh air. Balance is key. Do what you can and what is right for your family. If you are struggling please phone the school and ask to speak to Mrs Martin, Mrs Brouard or Mrs Lavis

Managing my Emotions Posters Emotion Coaching Guide for Parents

 Good Mental Health Booklet Jenny our Counsellor wrote on the Spring 3 Newsletter

Children's Mental Health Week Website

Additional Areas of Need

There are many areas of Special Need if you need support in an area not covered please ask.

Sensory Processing Breaks Memory Games  Fine Motor Skills