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Nessy Reading and Spelling is an effective resource to support children who may need an additional boost with their literacy skills.  Nessy covers literacy development from Years 1 to Year 6. 


Nessy begins with systematic synthetic phonics which has been proven to be the best way to develop early readers. As literacy skills develop, students advance to develop in spelling, morphology, vocabulary and comprehension. Independent research has shown the program to be effective, even for those learning English as an additional language.​​​​​​​


Each pupil learns independently and at their own pace, gradually building confidence. The program starts with an assessment that identifies exactly where the pupil needs help, then guides them through an individualised learning plan.

How Nessy Works 

  • Evaluation: Students begin by taking the Nessy Challenge to establish their baseline reading and spelling skills. The program then automatically assigns personalised reading and spelling target lessons.
  • Reporting: Reporting allows parents and teachers to identify areas of instruction, and monitor their child’s progress.
  • Individualised Approach:  Children work independently through a series of lessons with videos, games and worksheets.
  • Rewards: Children collect Nessy nuggets as a reward for their effort. They can trade their nuggets for games and virtual trophies.