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English - Writing



 At Castle Cary Primary School, the English curriculum aims to ensure that children become fluent, confident writers who are actively engaged by an imaginative and creative range of writing tasks and who understand the importance and value of words. We wish our children to see themselves as authors who are equipped with a range of tools and an extensive bank of rich vocabulary which can be used to create pieces of writing that can inform, entertain and persuade.


In EYFS, children are immersed in an engaging key text each half term, which forms the base of their writing experiences alongside their familiarity and exposure to a wide range of literature and genres.  Writing skills are then developed progressively as children consolidate and develop their phonics knowledge.  There is a focus on oracy, which is closely linked to the development of writing.

In Key Stage 1 and 2, there is good coverage of a range of genres for different purposes in all year groups. Writing tasks are purposeful, engaging and imaginative.

In all year groups, writing is taught through a clear sequence of teaching and learning that is based on:

  • Immersion – exposure to the key text or texts
  • Analysis - identifying features of language and structure;
  • Planning - to gather ideas using models to support
  • Writing – application of writer’s skills and knowledge
  • Editing - to further improve work

Grammar is taught through one weekly discrete grammar session and these are planned carefully to ensure that grammar is taught in context. In this way, we can be sure that our children understand the ‘what’ of grammar but also the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.

Assessment of writing will be used to give individual feedback to children (or groups of children) and to inform the content of subsequent lessons.


 Children at Castle Cary will:

  • See themselves as authors who write with confidence, fluency and enthusiasm
  • Have a clear understanding of the structural and language features required by a wide range of genres of writing
  • Have a clear understanding of the purpose of their writing and are able to use language and sentence structure to create the tone and style required
  • Understand the importance of, and be able to implement the sequence of planning, writing, editing and publishing
  • Understand the importance and effect of rich vocabulary in writing
  • Make use of grammar and spelling knowledge and understand the importance of accuracy in these areas